Ventura County pioneered the “Adopt-a-Poll” program in 1996, with 23 organizations participating. Today we have 64 organizations participating in the Elections process, showing their civic pride and supporting democracy. We continue to be the state leader in the “Adopt-a-Poll” program, and need to increase our number of participating groups to keep pace with our increasing need for Election Officers.

What is the 'Adopt-A-Poll' program?
  • With the “Adopt-a-Poll” program, an organization “adopts” a precinct and is responsible for manning the poll on Election Day. Only Ventura County Registered Voters are allowed to participate.
  • An individual from your organization must be willing to be designated as the Inspector for the precinct. The Inspector must serve for the entire day. The Inspector is required to attend a training class, and on the Monday before the election, pick up the election equipment and check the polling place for equipment delivery and set up. It is also the Inspector’s duty to drop the election equipment off at the appropriate location at the end of the night.
  • Typically, a clerk’s shift would be three to four hours long; however, longer shifts are permissible.
  • Although only Inspectors are required by Election Law to attend a training class, we recommend the Clerks attend a training class as well. If an organization so wishes, and can guarantee a large enough attendance, on-site training is also an option.

What are the benefits of the 'Adopt-A-Poll' program?

  • Compensation for a four-person (one inspector and three clerks) board is $475.00. However, organizations with numerous interested members are cordially invited to “adopt” more than one poll to raise even more money.
  • Compensation for a three-person (one inspector and two clerks) board is $365.00. Three-person boards are typically used during Consolidated Elections in odd years or small special elections.
  • With most people busy with work and family, it can be difficult for organizations to hold fundraisers. The “Adopt-a-Poll” program lets your organization or club members put in as short as a three-hour shift and still help out.
  • The “Adopt-a-Poll” program also instills the members of your organization with a feeling of civic pride and patriotism.

How does my organization apply for the 'Adopt-A-Poll' program?