Did You Know?

Ballots that are received damaged, improperly marked, or rejected by the tabulation device are put through a ballot duplicating process – Ballot Duplication Facts

California Online Voter Registration (COVR) is now available. Anyone who is eligible to register to vote in California can submit an electronic voter registration application by going to http://registertovote.ca.gov/

Although voters have many rights, as a registered voter you may not do the following:

  • Vote under a fake name
  • Vote more than once during a single election
  • Vote using another person’s identity
  • Influence the decisions of other voters using rewards, bribes, threats, or any other kind of force

Doing, or attempting to do, any of these are against state and federal law.

May I register to vote at my business address or use my P.O. Box number?
No. A person may only register to vote at his/her place of residence.  A business address or a P.O. Box number may only be used as a mailing address.

When did women get the right to vote?
Women got the right to vote in 1920 after the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by president Woodrow Wilson.

The Elections Division conducts voter outreach throughout the year at various events and locations in the county. These outreach events are scheduled to give access to those citizens who can’t make it to our office and wish to register to vote, sign up to volunteer as a pollworker, get election information, have their elections related questions answered or simply to pick up a brochure. We encourage you to visit our Calendar and Events for the upcoming Voter Outreach events and dates.

May I sign a petition if I am not registered to vote?
No.  You must be a registered voter for your signature to be valid on a petition. If you complete and sign a voter registration form on the same date or a date prior to signing the petition, your signature will be valid. The elections official must receive the completed, signed voter registration form on or before the date the petition is filed with the elections office.

When can I register to vote?
There is no waiting period. You may register or re-register to vote at anytime. To be eligible to vote in an election, you must have registered 15 days prior to the election.

Did you know you now have a choice in how you receive your County Voter Information Guide?
On January 1, 2011, California State Bill (AB1717) went into effect which allows voters to ‘go green’ by choosing to opt out of receiving their County Voter Information Guide by mail and accessing it online instead. To sign up just go to the County Voter Information Guide Delivery Options section on this site and submit your online application.