Vote By Mail

To obtain a Vote By Mail ballot, a registered voter should submit a completed Vote By Mail ballot application or personal letter to the county elections official. Your County Voter Information Guide contains a Vote By Mail ballot application. County Voter Information Guides are mailed to registered voters starting 40 days before an election. A letter request for a Vote By Mail ballot can be mailed almost any time before an election. All applications must reach the Ventura County Elections Division no later than seven days before the election. The earlier the better. Current law allows anyone desiring to become a Permanent Vote By Mail voter to apply and receive a ballot by mail for all elections.

Mail your ballot application to:
Ventura County Elections Division
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009-1200

Contact: (805) 654-2739

Drop off completed Vote By Mail ballots at these

Not applicable for the upcoming Election

Ventura County Vote By Mail Voter Application Form
Vote By Mail Ballot Application

California State Vote By Mail Application Form

The application or letter must contain:

  1. The voter’s name as registered
  2. The registered voter’s Ventura County residence address
  3. The address to which the Vote By Mail ballot should be sent, if different from the registered voter’s Ventura County residence address
  4. The name and date of the election for which the applicant wants the Vote By Mail ballot
  5. The voter’s signature

Once the application is processed by the Ventura County Elections Division, the proper ballot will be mailed to the voter.

Vote By Mail Ballot Return