Foreclosure Letter to Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

A recent audit report of foreclosures in San Francisco County raised concerns about various aspects of the foreclosure process.  This report identified problems involving how some foreclosures have been handled by mortgage lenders and banks during the foreclosure process.  These problems did not have to do with individual County Recorder offices whose duty it is to record various real estate documents that are generated during the foreclosure process.  The audit findings have been sent to the State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris for investigation and possible regulatory or legislative changes. After reviewing this audit report and meeting with other County Recorders throughout the state on this important issue, County Clerk and Recorder Mark A. Lunn sent the following letter on April 27 to Attorney General Harris offering his commitment to play a leadership role in support of any statewide improvements that would further protect homeowners during the foreclosure process.  042712 Kamala D Harris Atty Gen – Foreclosure Ltr