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At 11:00 a.m., August 18, 2022, Election Day minus 82 (E-82) for this year, the California Secretary of State conducted a random drawing of letters of the alphabet. This randomized list is used for candidates in the upcoming election, rotating the order to assure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to be the first name listed on the ballot in their respective offices. The County also did a random alphabetical drawing for the letter order of contests where the State Senate or Assembly District is in more than one county. 

The November 8, 2022 General Election Candidate List continues to be updated at the end of each day and possibly into this weekend. The regular nomination period and the extended nomination period are now closed as of 5:00PM August 17, but the last paperwork for the city, special district and school district candidates is still being delivered, etc. 

Voter information/election cards are sent out prior to an election to all registered voters. One card is sent out 90 days in advance of the election and one is sent out 60 days prior. And it’s already that time for the November 8, 2022 General Election.
The cards have voting information as well as a way to reach us if you have questions. Also, if you receive any cards where the addressee is no longer receiving mail there, just mark the card “Not at this Address” and return it by postal service (no stamp required.)

Ventura County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters Mark Lunn today announced the official election results certification for the June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election with 100% of Ventura County’s 1,519 precincts reporting. View full election results here. Statewide contest results are on the Secretary of State website

Read the Press Release regarding the election and certification:  Official Final Results and Certification Announced for June 7, 2022 Statewide Direct Primary Election, Ventura County’s First Full Voter’s Choice Act Election

Election Security

Timely Information about behind-the-scenes Ventura County Election Security.

County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters Mark Lunn discusses some of the systems in place. (click here)



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Vote By Mail Ballots to be Issued to Every Registered Voter Beginning Jan. 1 with New State Law

Assembly Bill No. 37, signed by Governor Newsom on September 27, 2021, extends the requirement to mail a ballot to all registered voters for any future election, without them having to request it. Ventura County voters are also able to vote in person at vote centers located throughout the county.

For more details regarding Assembly Bill No. 37, visit https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov

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