What Happens to Your Ballot?

7 am – 8 pm
Ballots Cast Your ballot is cast at one of over 300 polling places in Ventura County on Election Day.
8 pm – 9 pm
Ballot Boxes Unlocked & Count Begins At 8 p.m., ballot boxes can be unlocked and over 1,300 poll workers begin conducting an inventory at each polling place to account for the number of ballots cast, spoiled/ruined and unused.
9 pm – 10:30 pm
Ballots and Voting Equipment Transported to Central Receiving Stations The ballots are then packaged and transported by poll workers to one of 12 central receiving stations in Ventura County.
Ballots Received & Transported At each receiving station, ballots and the voting equipment are received and placed in secure vehicles to ensure safe and secure transport to the Ventura County Elections Division.
9 pm – On
Ballots and Voting Equipment Checked In On arrival, ballots and voting equipment are unloaded, checked in and sent for inspection.
Manual Counting Write-Ins or Errors Ballots that could not be sent through the normal processing, such as write-in and ballots with errors, must undergo time consuming manual inspections.
8:10 pm – On
Final Counting & Reporting After 8:10 p.m., votes are counted and results are reported by the Elections Division throughout Election Night.