Election Information

Top Two Open Primary Information

Under the Top Two Open Primary Act implemented in 2012, all candidates running for voter-nominated offices (state constitutional offices, state legislative offices, and U.S. congressional offices), regardless of their party preference, will appear on a single combined ballot, and voters can vote for any candidate from any political party.  The Top Two Open Primary Act requires that only the two candidates for voter-nominated offices who receive the highest and second-highest number of votes cast at the Primary Election shall appear on the ballot as candidates at the General Election.  The top two winning candidates may be of the same party, different parties, or no party.

A candidate  for a voter-nominated office must designate his or her party preference, or lack of party preference, and have that designation reflected on the primary and general election ballots, but the party designation is shown for the  information of the voters only.  It does  not imply an endorsement of the candidate by the party designated.