Voters with Disabilities




The Ventura County Clerk and Recorder office is committed to ensuring all voters can participate in elections and provides various accessible programs and services to help voters cast their vote privately and independently. Four federal laws guide many of these programs and services:

–          Voting Rights Act of 1965

–          Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act of 1984

–          Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

–          Help America Vote Act of 2002


March 12, 2020 Congressional District 25 Special General Election

First Day to Mail Voter Information Guides April 2, 2020
First Day to Mail Vote By Mail Ballots April 13, 2020
Last Day to Request a Vote By Mail Ballot May 5, 2020
End of Voter Registration Period April 27, 2020



Voters with disabilities can receive access to Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM). The RAVBM system allows voters with disabilities to download and mark their ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology at home. Print a marked ballot and return it to the Elections Division to be counted. For additional information please visit DRC’s RAVBM demonstration video.

To sign up for RAVBM, please call (805) 654-2664 or email


To meet the needs of all Ventura County voters, the department offers a variety of tools, services, and assistive technologies on Election Day.

Entryways and Voting Areas

On Election Day, “Accessible Entry” signs are posted outside polling places to direct voters towards the accessible entrance to the polling place.

To confirm whether your polling place has an accessible entrance and voting area, check the back cover of your Voter Information Pamphlet for the international symbol of access, use the Polling Place and Sample Ballot Lookup Tool, or call (805) 654-2664.

If your polling place is not accessible, you may choose to vote a nearby accessible polling place. Use the Polling Place and Sample Ballot Lookup Tool or contact the department to find the nearest accessible polling place that has the same ballot as your precinct.

Seated Voting

The department offers chairs and designated wheelchair accessible voting booths at all polling places and the Government Center Voting Center. The international symbol of access is posted on accessible voting booths so that they can be easily identified by voters.

Voting Tools

All polling places provide large-print instructions on how to mark a ballot, optical magnifiers to magnify the print on the paper ballot or other election materials, and pen attachments for easier grip when writing.

Personal Assistive Devices

The accessible ICX voting machine allows voters to connect a personal assistive device such as a rocker paddle or multi-user sip/puff device when voting.

Personal Assistance

The department trains poll workers to ask all voters if they would like to receive assistance related to voting. A voter may request assistance from a poll worker at any time. Poll workers may assist with reading the ballot to the voter and/or marking the voter’s choices using a paper or touch screen ballot. Alternatively, a voter may bring up to two people to the polls to assist them that are not the voter’s employer, an agent of the voter’s employer, or an officer or agent of the voter’s union.

Curbside Voting

Any voter unable to reach their voting area may request to vote “curbside.” This option allows voters to park as close to the voting site as possible and vote, whether they are at the curb or in their car. Certain polling place locations that are not handicap accessible will have a sign posted outside with a phone number that will directly connect them to poll workers to aid them. When notified that someone has requested curbside voting, a poll worker will bring a Roster of Voters to the voter to sign, a ballot, a ballot secrecy sleeve, a pen, and assists the voter if necessary. For more information, please contact our office at (805) 654-2664.



The department provides additional accessible voting options and services to ensure all voters can cast their vote privately.

Voting at the Government Center

The voting center at the Government Center is open to all Ventura County voters starting 29 days before every election and offers the same accessible voting options that are available at the polling places, including wheelchair accessible voting booths, seated voting, and materials in large print.

The Elections Division is located on the Lower Plaza of the Hall of Administration and is accessible through the main entrance of the building and using any of the elevators to the Lower Plaza.

Voting by Mail

Approximately one month before the election, the department mails ballots to permanent vote-by-mail voters and those who have requested one-time vote-by-mail ballots. Along with their ballots, voters receive voting instructions with information about election deadlines, ballot return options, and a reminder that voters can track the status of their ballots using the Ballot Status Lookup Tool.

Voters can return their voted ballot to the department using the return envelope enclosed in the Vote-by-Mail ballot packet along with two stamps attached. Ballots can be returned in person to the Government Center Voting Center beginning 29 days before the election, or to any polling place in California on Election Day. Voters may also return their ballots to the curbside drop-off stations outside the Government Center or authorize someone to return a ballot on their behalf. For more information about voting by mail, visit the Vote by Mail page.



A secure drop box is also available outside of the Hall of Administration building (located at the end of Parking Lot F, shown within the red box; the orange circle shows where the drop box is found). Dropbox Map



The Ventura County Clerk and Recorder’s office staff meets regularly with its Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee to discuss changes being made to improve access to voting and services for all voters in the county. Anyone who is interested in these meetings can call the Elections Division at (805) 654-2664.



An interactive, accessible text-only version of the County Voter Information Guide is also available to voters through or by clicking on the photo.

Some of the features of the County Information Guide include:

–          Viewing your sample ballot for the upcoming election

–          Selecting the star next to your choice(s) to mark your preferences for each contest as future reference

–          Printing your marked ballot for future reference

–          Viewing all available materials for each measure, such as proposed ordinance and measure language, impartial analysis, and arguments and rebuttals