Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM) Application

Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters
Ventura County Elections Division
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009-1200

The Registrar of Voters office is committed to ensuring all voters can participate in elections and provides various accessible programs and services to help voters cast their vote.

In accordance with Elections Code 1605(c) the elections official shall permit any voter to cast a ballot using a certified remote accessible vote by mail system, regardless of whether the voter is a voter with disabilities or a military or overseas voter.  Voters can request and receive access to the Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM) system to obtain an official ballot by submitting the following RAVBM application.

The RAVBM system allows voters to download and mark their ballot privately and independently using their own assistive technology, print a marked ballot, and return it to the Elections Division to be counted.  To login to the RAVBM system and mark a ballot, the voter will need a Voter Access Code.  An email titled Official Vote By Mail Ballot will be sent providing the voter with the link for the service and a Voter Access Code.

RAVBM is NOT internet voting.  It allows you to access your ballot from your computer, make your choices on the computer and then print it out.  Marked ballots must be printed and returned to the Ventura County Elections Division by mail or in person.  The ballot is NOT returned electronically.  Instructions will be provided to the voter within the ballot packet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

  • (805) 654-2664 or (800) 500-3555

For more information, please visit our website:


To receive a RAVBM ballot for any election, this form must be submitted to the Ventura County Elections Division no later than 5:00 p.m., 7 days before each election.

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