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What our customers are saying:

“I appreciated the appointment and not standing in long lines that I associate with government agencies.” Jon (Camarillo)

“Gloria was courteous and professional, and handled our requests in a timely, efficient manner.”Unsigned

“The lady who assisted us was very courteous, professional and very efficient at her job.” Suraj (Ventura)

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Provided invaluable advice and I couldn’t have had better service.” Priscilla (Simi Valley)

“The gentleman in the front was helpful and informative, made the process easy, the clerk assisting with copy and payment was efficient and very nice and helpful.”Rose (Ventura)

“Lizzeth was outstandingly helpful and meticulous.” – Farion (Ventura)

“Every single person in this office is the nicest, most professional, and most helpful person. I don’t know of any other county office where anyone can say that, and I work for the county. They are all terrific at the Elections Division.”Jon (Oxnard)

“Great service in Thousand Oaks!” – Adriana (Thousand Oaks)

“Gloria arrived early and was very efficient. She clearly knew what she was doing. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes.”Edward (Camarillo)

“Kristi was so knowledgeable and helpful. she made my visit very pleasant.”Monica (Oxnard)

“You were professional and extremely courteous; it was a pleasure.”George (Thousand Oaks)

“Lorraine was so nice and so helpful. I feel she definitely went above and beyond. Such a nice person.” – Michelle

“I was really happy with your process during these difficult times, and I think it’s fine how its running. No lines was the best part of my visit.”Joe (Santa Maria)

“I would like to recognize the professionalism and kindness of your employee, Kristi, who went above and beyond in explaining the county process and helping me to obtain copies of filed documents, even calling me back to ensure that I knew that I could expedite shipping for Saturday delivery. She was organized, helpful and sincere in her efforts to assist us in closing a loan, and despite working in a busy county office, immediately recognized my name today and recalled details of our particular case and made every effort to expedite our request. In addition, Erica in the clerk’s office was also exceptionally helpful and communicative in assisting us with this process, and also followed up with us with a direct call to let us know that our order had been processed. As a previous business owner and nursing administrator, I can tell you that wonderful employees were always the most valuable assets of any of my office or hospital settings, and I am sure that you echo these sentiments. Please pass on our sincere appreciation to both Kristi and Erica.”Denise & Adam

“Everyone was responsive, courteous, and professional! A most positive experience!” – Jon (Ventura)

“I want to highly acknowledge Lizzeth on her outstanding service. Her attention to detail and how wonderful and easily she helped us. She made a confusing situation easier for us and I feel went above and beyond. She is a true asset to your team!”Courtney (Santa Clarita)

“Always great service at elections.”Jordan (Camarillo)

“Lorraine took care of everything for me – answered all my questions, no matter how basic they were. She gave me a wonderful education. Thank You Lorraine!”Richard (Canoga Park)

“The whole staff was outstanding, great group of employees.”Jose (Simi Valley)

“Itzel couldn’t have been more pleasant. She knew what she was doing and helped me through the process with a smile. She is a gem. Don’t let her go. It’s hard to find people who know what they are doing let alone be so pleasant to deal with.”Derek

“Thank you very much for your kindness and professionalism.”Luis (Camarillo)

“The whole team was great to work with.”Rob (Camarillo)

“The staff was very helpful and nice. They also did really good on distancing people due to COVID.”Linda (Camarillo)

“Everything went perfectly from beginning to end. Very efficient and easy.”Brenda (Oxnard)

“Ryan from County Recorders was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable a true asset to the county. Thank you.”Unsigned

“I needed to get a certified copy of my marriage license. After 2 visits to the DMV on Ave. de los Arboles, I anticipated that this visit would be unpleasant, and we would be treated poorly as we had been at the DMV. In order to get a Ca. Real ID, I needed to get the marriage license to prove my identity. Luis was so friendly and helpful with the questions I had, and the visit was so friendly. I had a wonderful experience!”Susan (Newbury Park)

“Everyone we interacted with was incredibly helpful.”Katee (Thousand Oaks)

“Everyone was very helpful and pleasant.”David (Thousand Oaks)

“Lorraine was fantastic. She was able to bring us in earlier than our appointment time, and we were finished in less than 10 minutes. She was very nice and welcoming.”Keiko (Moorpark)

“The service and Lorraine were amazing and so kind and gracious and professional.”Denis (Agoura Hills)

“Everyone was very helpful, from entering the building to directing me where to go and then checking in at the window and finally getting my document ready for recording.”Adele

“Itzel should be paid to teach customer service.”James (Malibu)

“Grace. She was top notch. Warm and friendly, and at the same time extremely knowledgeable and clear.”Eric

“Lorraine was very helpful and did a great job. She also has amazing fingernails.”Gary (Oxnard)

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Extremely helpful young woman who explained the paper we received and what it all means. Our multiple questions were answered politely and calmly.”Joel (Ventura)

“I loved the fact that it was so easy I was in and out within 10 minutes staff very helpful best experience in that office ever.”Clara (Oxnard)

“Staff was very knowledgeable, gave me all the information I needed and was super friendly. It’s always great working with someone how takes pride in their work.”Darin

“David was very courteous, knowledgeable, helpful – great customer service!”Lisa (Moorpark)

“All the personnel we interacted with where very courteous and acted in a very professional manner. They treated us very well we are senior citizens and we did commit errors filling out the forms. Told not to worry about it and helped us fill out the forms correctly.”Victor (Fillmore)

“Itzel was very professional and provide excellent customer service.”Unsigned

“Grace with the Vital Records and Recorders Office was awesome! I genuinely loved how she treated me. She was kind, easy to talk to, very informative, attentive, and she showed that she cared. I appreciate her very much! Please let her know that I think she was awesome in servicing my notary needs. Thank you, Grace!”Luis (Oxnard)

“Grace was a true professional and made my visit seamless!” – David (Westlake Village)

“Your staff has always been able to answer all of the questions I have or direct me to people who can. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Thank you.”Jordan (Camarillo)

“All of the staff was amazing, friendly, quick to acknowledge us and direct or handle our needs.” – Shirley (Ventura)

“The woman at the front desk where we check in for appointment wase so kind and helpful also the clerk that gave me the birth certificates. Smile on her face, kind and patient. Much appreciated.” – Ramona (Ventura)

“I made several calls to the VC Clerk’s office and everyone I spoke with was professional. However, I was blown away by the level of service I received from Bridget. She emailed me information on State Forms, reviewed my paperwork, and remained engaged with me throughout our FBN filling process. I would recommend other Records Technicians offer the same personal touch. It made a BIG difference for us and we felt so much better submitting our paperwork. Great job, Bridget!”Ryan (Westlake Village)

“I do not remember her name but she was amazing. She was patient and kind and explained everything very clear. She clearly knows her job and as a City Clerk I can appreciate her professionalism.” Deana (Simi Valley)

“Raylene was superb. Even though we made some mistakes on our forms due to European names of parents, redid the forms 3 times. And gladly I might add. She was engaging, funny. Made our experience great for some older folks getting married.”Domingo (Thousand Oaks)

“I have no suggestions to improve but want to elaborate on my experience in a good way. I was frantic because I could not find my papers for my notary oath and missed my appointment. I tore apart my desk only to find that the envelope had fallen behind my drawer and got stuck underneath my desk. I called to reschedule as I was leaving for vacation and Lizzeth was so kind to squeeze me in the next day. When I arrived, I was helped by another kind lady (brown hair and I wish I had gotten her name too). In a time when it feels where so many employees in this world have lost their compassion, I was so thankful even for this small gesture.” Emily

“Making an appointment was smooth and easy. Made the whole process go in a snap.” – Greg

“I am writing to thank you for all the work you and your staff do to make sure that Ventura County voters, including our family, have access to free and fair elections administered in such a way that we trust in the system and election outcomes.

As Vice Chair and Member of the Board of Directors of the California Voter Foundation (CVF) I am familiar with the challenges that state and county election officials have encountered surrounding the November presidential election, and continue to face on social media and in person. CVF’s recent report on the harassment of local election officials and recommendations to increase financial support and security for election officials in California, in coordination with other non-profit organizations across the U.S., is an ongoing project:

As a registered voter in Ventura County, I wanted to contact your office to let you know that I appreciate the transparency and professionalism of the election experience provided to all of us who reside in Ventura County.” – Susan (Camarillo)

“Erica was friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. She made the process very easy for an older person. Thank you, Erica!!!” Jim (Camarillo)

“Denise was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, helpful this morning in helping me navigate your website. She is a real asset to your office. She made the experience of trying to get a deed to a rental property so I can get some landlord relief from the State. Thank you, Denise!!!” Jim (Camarillo)

“Mayra was really helpful, friendly and professional. We have a great experience, keep up the good work! Thanks” Graciela (Simi Valley)

“I think the service was handled very well in the Covid setting.” – Shawn (Simi Valley)

“Lorraine was so welcoming and kind in addition to being knowledgeable and clear with her instruction and understanding of the process.” Dana (Camarillo)

“Liz in the County Clerk’s office. OUTSTANDING, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable!” Esteban (Ventura)

“I wish I had her name!!! She made up feel very comfortable and at ease. She was very sweet. We felt like we mattered. Please let her know we appreciate her help and well wishes!” Terry

“Vanessa was very nice and professional.” Stephanie (Simi Valley)

“From the moment we arrived to file our marriage license, we were treated with smiles, jokes and overall warmth and kindness… During the year we had seen such a decline in a feeling of family and community.. but even with our masks, we could still feel the warmth coming from everyone we met! We are so grateful that we are on Ventura County!!!! We know we are very very lucky to be a part of this great community!! After all these years, it still feels like strangers greet you like your neighbors do!” Kim

“I want to take a moment to make you aware of the excellence I experienced when calling the Ventura County Clerk’s & Recorder’s Office…..When we called the Ventura County office, we were transferred to Dora Cervantes. From the very beginning, Dora was knowledgeable, courteous, PATIENT and so very helpful. We ended our conversation several times only to think of new questions we had not considered. I’m embarrassed to say that we called your office back three times! Dora remained just as courteous, kind and helpful every single time! Throughout each conversation, she went the extra mile to answer our questions with thoroughness. Her follow through was also amazing. In starting this process, we read reviews about how far behind Los Angeles County was in their processing and responsiveness. I was expecting similar results for Ventura County and I was so amazed and surprised at the quality of care Dora had for us. Working in customer service management, it is not often that praise is heard but rather complaints. We wanted to take the time to let you know how well Dora Cervantes represented Ventura County and your office specifically. How rare and unexpected to receive service such as Dora gave to us in these unprecedented, stressful times when patience is stretched thin within the community and nation. Whatever you are doing there, please do keep it up! Please also extend our appreciation to Dora and let her know that she made such a positive difference for us and was our answer to prayer. Thank you so very much for the excellent work you and your team are doing to support the citizens of Ventura County.” Jon & Gaylene (Newbury Park)

“Grace, who helped us with our license, and Kevin, who chatted with us while we waited for our appointment! They were both lovely and made the process easy.” Emily (Ventura)

“It’s so much nicer doing these kinds of things by appointment only – if you’re able to service everyone this way maybe it’s a useful service to offer post-COVID as well. Thank you!” Miles

“Elizabeth was excellent! Very thorough.” Jong (Chatsworth)

“Great Service! Efficient and professional.” Unsigned

“Very helpful and patient.” Eleanor (Norwalk)

“There was a mix-up on the time and we arrived at 4:45pm and still received wonderful service. Thank you!” Patricia (Long Beach)

“All staff was very helpful.” Derrick (Oxnard)

“The staff and process is wonderful. Thank you for ….she gave us a perfect ceremony.” Heather (Ventura)

“Your employee was very courteous and professional.” Enrique (Oxnard)

“…went above and beyond trying to correct a problem.” Steven (Camarillo)

“Best service!” Rebekah (Camarillo)

“I had a pleasant experience.” Karen (Castaic)

“All your employees are well trained and so pleasant!” Jan (Sherman Oaks)

“Very helpful, double checked everything!” Sharon (Santa Paula)

“Great service!! Excellent work and attitude!” Curtis (Oxnard)

“…stayed beyond her time to assist me.” Dena (Corona)

VC Star Opinion – Loving Ventura August 17, 2019:  “I recently moved here, and I’d like to say how friendly and helpful the people of Ventura are. In addition, so many people express their thankfulness for my military service. I particularly want to thank the woman who helped me find the county clerk/recorder’s office at the government center by not only pointing out the way but, seeing I’m handicapped, she accompanied me the entire way. I love this town.” William (Ventura)

“I have had few personal interactions with your staff but each of those have always been pleasurable. Today while I was waiting to obtain copies of my mothers’ death certificate, I witnessed an act of incredible customer service. (Your staff) was assisting an elderly female at the counter. I don’t know the exact issue, but she was speaking loud enough for me to understand she felt the County had made a mistake and it was the County’s responsibility to correct it. (Your staff) was professional, friendly, calm, informative, sympathetic, empathetic far beyond what any rational person would have found reasonable. He went so far as to print State forms off the web (two copies of each “in case you make a mistake”) for the customer and attempted to explain how to fill them out so she could have issue resolved by the State – which is where it needed to go. Although there was a line forming, he did not rush nor dismiss her. When she left several folks in the line commented on how well he served her. I wanted to applaud but felt it best to just forward him kudos for an incredible job well done!” – Doug (Ventura)

“…helped with a complicated issue and followed up just as he said he would.” – Diana (Santa Paula)

“You guys are awesome.” – Robert (Topanga)

“Very positive experience.”BDP (Simi Valley)

“…was totally helpful and patient.” – Richard (Oak Park)

“Very professional and helpful.” – L. (Camarillo)

“Very happy with your services…guided me through my needs.” – Teresa

“Outstanding service!! No improvements necessary.”Nancy (Moorpark)

“Have this place teach other places on helpfulness and politeness.”Elizabeth (Thousand Oaks)

“Clerk was very friendly and informative.” – April (Ventura)

“….is a customer hero, she was just awesome.”Tim (Oxnard)

“Service was prompt, professional & courteous.”Carla (Ventura)

“I was impressed with the speedy service and especially the helpful attitude.”Susan (Ventura)

“I like it’s not so formal. Very inviting, no barriers.”Mark (Ventura)

“Very nice and pleasant people.”Lydia (Port Hueneme)

“…was professional and polite – keep her!!” Atif (Simi Valley)

“A really great experience….was so helpful and polite, explained everything kindly and friendly.”Marina (Ventura)

“Always helpful. If someone doesn’t know the answer he/she always gets back to me.” Deborah (Port Hueneme)

“…immediately helped our inquiry and emailed a confirmation email regarding the status of our conversation. Thank you for the professional and timely response to my question regarding Form 470 and our Board member requirements.”Kathy (Ojai)

“….was very professional, helpful and kind.”Wendy (Ojai)

 “The woman who helped me on the phone was very helpful.”Douglas (Camarillo)

“Kudos to the hiring committee.”Ralph (Oxnard)

“Staff was so amazing and helpful. Made the process so smooth!” Unsigned

“Our brother got married on January 15 and everyone was wonderful to us! Thank you!”Julie (Tequesta, FL)

“…was so pleasant & helpful. Had to go in twice and he prevented an incorrect filing because of his close inspection!”Angie (Oak Park)

Staff was outstanding! Very helpful and informative.”Jennie (Oxnard)

“I was so nervous about how hard and costly this would be. Couldn’t have asked for it to go better.”Laurie (Camarillo)

“Always a good experience. Always so helpful!”Kelly (Oxnard)

“Fastest service I’ve ever received.” Unsigned

“Fantastic – so helpful. I didn’t know where to start.”Brian (Ventura)

“Keep up the good work.”Alicia (Santa Paula)

“Very good service, very satisfied.”Linsey (Fillmore)

“Friendly, nice woman in training helped me A+++.”Paula (Port Hueneme)

“Courteous, friendly & professional.” – Justin (Thousand Oaks)

“Everyone is helpful and knowledgeable!”Mary (Simi Valley)

“Very helpful and courteous, thank you.”Rosalinda (Lancaster)

“. . . was very friendly and made my visit enjoyable, she’s great!”Tim (Oxnard)

“. . . was exceptional, went above and beyond.”Unsigned

“Helpful, prompt and courteous.” Robert

“. . . was thoughtful, informative and helpful. Always with a smile.”Marlene

“. . . was extremely nice and professional.”Deborah (Thousand Oaks)

“Keep up the good work!”Alex (Moorpark)

“Things seem to run quite smoothly even though it was rather busy. Very efficient staff!!”Susan (Simi Valley)

“Thank you so much for being so friendly!”Amanda (Simi Valley)

“Everyone was prompt, courteous and awesome . . . was double awesome!”Danetta (Santa Paula)

“Very helpful and so nice.”Jeff & Diana (Oxnard)

“Very personable but always very professional. Always quick and thorough in responding to my questions.”Roland (Ventura)

“More staff like . . . she has excellent customer service.”Sue (Camarillo)

“Helpful and professional.”Raul (Oxnard)

“You are good.”Mike (Rancho P.V.)

“I want to thank everyone at Ventura County Elections for your helpful and timely replies.” Michael

“Don’t change anything!”Kenneth (Oak View)

“You have a wonderful team of workers . . . went above and beyond to make sure I have what I need so I can vote. My experience was excellent. I would recommend Ventura Voter Registration Office to anyone who needs help or has questions about voting.”Marcia (Camarillo)

“I called the Elections Division on three separate occasions and all three times I was given great service and staff was very competent in providing answers. It has been a great experience.”Raymond (Ojai)

“Fantastic service right here in Thousand Oaks . . . was super helpful & knowledgeable.”Lori (Thousand Oaks)

“All Elections staff have been incredibly helpful. This is such a well-run office.”Trevor (Oxnard)

“Everyone is super sweet & helpful.” Unsigned

“Everyone was very helpful, patient, and courteous.” – Karina (Oxnard)

“Just a short note of thanks. My vote counts thanks to your professionalism. As a Veteran and patriot I take my civic duties very seriously.”Les

“Not only thank you, but you should know this. I have had interactions with the Recorder, Elections Division, and Assessor’s office, and I want to commend ALL of you for being so helpful and to the point! It is a pleasure working with all of you. Thanks again.”Kenneth

“…was so very helpful and went out of his way to ensure my accuracy!!”Bill (Thousand Oaks)

“Always friendly and helpful.”Les (Newbury Park)

“Service was excellent. I was impressed!”Ken (Concord)

Very pleasant and professional.”Unsigned

“Outstanding service. Very, very helpful. Very patient.”Marisol (Ojai)

“These girls are the best.”Marlene (Simi Valley)

“Really helpful and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with.”Dean (Malibu)

“Hire more people like…who is well informed, proactive and courteous. He is an outstanding representation of the County.”Wendell (Moorpark)

“All of you are so friendly and helpful.”unsigned

“The staff was extremely helpful!”Marcia (Oxnard)

“….was very helpful and nice.”Kyle (Lafayette)

“Don’t change a thing. Absolutely wonderful.”Michael (Newbury Park)

“Friendly and efficient.”Leslie (Malibu)

“So pleasant and helpful.”Peggy (Santa Barbara)

“Keep up the great work! Everyone was friendly and efficient.” – Mari (Ventura)

“Extremely helpful and courteous.”Justin (Thousand Oaks)

“Very helpful and polite.”Suzanne (Woodland Hills)

“…went above and beyond his job description to assist me. Good example of an employee who cares about the quality of his work.”Ginger (Covina)

“Nice welcome from information booth.”Deborah (Thousand Oaks)

“Services are outstanding!”John (Caliente)

“Excellent service.”Madeline (Camarillo)

“Superb telephone skills and helpful, thanks.”Craig (Camarillo)

“…is a prime example of customer service.” Jesus (Santa Paula)

“Keep doing what you are doing, great staff.” Lisa (Oxnard)

“Es magnifico, gracias.” Luz

“All service is top notch!” Carl (Camarillo)

“Awesome customer service!!” Sparky (Simi Valley)

“Very informative & smiling.” Sherry (Oxnard)

“Staff went out of her way to help me out.” Belinda (Oxnard)

“Keep up the great work! Thank you!” Kim (Ojai)

“Always prompt and so easy at this office. Thank you!” Unsigned

“Staff was helpful and beyond expectation.” James

“Staff was amazing, great, and knowledgeable.” Duane

“Your team provided outstanding support!!!” Rashel (Los Angeles)

“Excellent, friendly and efficient.” Steven (Westlake Village)

“Mark Lunn you have great staff.” Pat (Newbury Park)

“…was so helpful explaining everything! She was also very efficient while being very kind.” Rose (Santa Clarita)

“All staff were amazing.” Ken (Westlake Village)

“…was extremely helpful and patient with answering questions to complete an FBN.” Mary (Moorpark)

“Thank you so much for the East County office!” Neomi (Moorpark)

“Excellent customer service. Entire staff is well informed!” Pablo (Oxnard)

“Staff was fantastic.” – Veronica (Fillmore)

“Keep up the good work.” Mariela (Ventura)

“Staff was fabulous!”Amanda

“Staff I excellent and most helpful.”S. M.

“Staff was great. Good attitude, smile & laugh.” Jeff

“Everyone was welcoming and wonderful.”Melanie (Bracebridge)

“When I phoned, staff answered all of my questions and provided great parking directions.”Sherry (Carpinteria)

“Everything is awesome!”Robert

“Gold star employees.”Brian (Oxnard)

“…was so sweet and helpful.”Sally (Canyon Country)

“Very helpful & efficient.” E. R. (Ventura)

“…was great. He made the process very easy!” Sim (Westlake Village)

“Staff was knowledgeable and professional.” Catherine (Los Angeles)

“Amazing and wonderful staff. They make a great team.” Manuel (Tarzana)

“Clerk was extremely courteous & helpful.” Unsigned

“Everything went smoothly.” Ron (Canoga Park)

“Continue being prompt and courteous.” Elodia (Oxnard)

“It would be nice if everyone could be as nice as your staff.” Jared (Fillmore)

“Very impressed with service.” Laura (Coarsegold)

“Keep up with your good service.” Elias (Oxnard)

“…made the extra effort to track down our certificate so I didn’t have to come back.” Matthew (Ventura)

“Everyone was very pleasant & courteous.” Angelica (Oxnard)

“Always especially helpful and kind!”Elizabeth (Ojai)

“Exceptional, friendly & informative.”Jackie (Oxnard)

“All staff members were outstanding.”Brian (Ventura)

“Friendly, professional and efficient.”Stephanie (Simi Valley)

“Thank you for having a location in Thousand Oaks, extremely helpful!” – Doug (Thousand Oaks)

“Extremely courteous and patient.”Barbara (Newbury Park)

“…is an asset to your office.”Steve (Camarillo)

“Staff made sure everything is done according to regulation.”Nico (Oxnard)

“Thanks for making appointments!”Judith (Ojai)

“Absolutely great. Fast and friendly.”David (Fillmore)

“Todo esta muy bien.” Muriam (Oxnard)

“Staff was very sweet and stayed late to accommodate my needs.”Kirk (Ventura)

“Went above and beyond to help!”Edward (Ventura)

“I’ve come a couple of times and staff is always so good, efficient & professional.” Belynda

“The service was excellent. Wonderful and very helpful.” Anne (Ventura)

“Very great service. The best!”Marlene (Thousand Oaks)

“Extremely helpful, made the certificate look professional.”Vicky (Ventura)

“Awesome, so helpful.”Richard (Oak Park)

“So helpful and made everything easy.”Alanna (Spokane Valley, WA)

“Please teach a neighboring county how to be as efficient.”Joseph (Oxnard)

“Staff is so friendly and kind, they helped me get right to the document I needed.”Kathy (Ventura)

“It was quick, thank you!” Allison

“Great clerks and staff.” Nick

“It was a great experience!”Ava (Camarillo)

“Encourage and reward your wonderful employees.”Peter (Camarillo)

“Keep up the great work.”Danny (Moorpark)

“Very helpful. Great service.”E.A. (Simi Valley)

“Service was perfect. I was quite impressed with the office layout also.”Armand (Thousand Oaks)

“I would like to inform you of the wonderful help I received from your staff today. She was so nice while being professional. That is not easy to find in people dealing with the public!”Louise

“Amazing! So helpful.” C. (Thousand Oaks)

“This is a wonderful idea having this office close by rather than needing to drive to Ventura. Thank you.”Lynne (Simi Valley)

“No line, amazing service. Answered all our questions.”Tammy (Simi Valley)

“Keep up the good work!”Nathalie (Ventura)

“Your staff is wonderful.” Michael (Oxnard)

“Great service and super-fast. Thank you!”Sarah (Newbury Park)

“This is one of the best experiences I have had at a County Clerk.”Jennifer

“Couldn’t have been easier! Staff was knowledgeable and helpful.”Jodie (Newbury Park)

“Your staff is great!”Heather (Calabasas)

“Friendly and professional.”Lucy (Oxnard)

“Perfect service. Thank you.”Andy (Los Angeles)

“Staff was helpful, efficient and very pleasant.”Christina (Newbury Park)

“Your entire staff was friendly and courteous – not what I expected from a County office.”Phil (Simi Valley)

“I was more than satisfied with the great service I received by the people that helped me.”(Unsigned)

“So impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of staff. Also impressed with bi-lingual skills!”Lonnie (Thousand Oaks)

“Staff was especially attentive and outgoing.”Sandy (Thousand Oaks)

“Exceptional! Expedited need quickly.”Dawn (Thousand Oaks)

“Mr. Lunn, your staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in assisting me with remedying a problem.”Nicholas

“I had a unique situation and called in for help and advice. Staff was knowledgeable & helpful. Very happy with resolution, thank you.”L. (Summerland)

 “Exceptional interaction with public.”Jim (Oxnard)

“Ninguna me parece perfecta.”Mario (Oxnard)

“Previously I had completed this survey primarily because the Web site had failed to provide information I required. Several broken ‘Page Not Found’ links. I vented my frustration, thinking that it would just fall into an obscure bucket. Very wrong. Within hours of submitting the survey I received a personal response from staff indicating that she would pass on my ‘observations.’ A few hours after that, I received an email from a supervisor offering to help me resolve my issues. It took some extra effort on her part to solve the issues, especially since I did not realize that I had contributed to the problem due to a misspelling. The staff went above and beyond, and I now have renewed respect for the Recorder’s office. This is the way government should work. Great job. Proactive staff.”Tom (Aptos)

“Thank you for performing such an important function in our democracy. When I have called in and had some questions, I have always been met with professionalism and timely reports.” Finn

“So friendly and happy. Nice to see that.”Denise (Santa Paula)

“Just a note to tell you how incredible your staff is – to each and everyone – taking care of instant crisis’ and with a friendly, helpful demeanor.”Lisa

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding, personal attention. Above & beyond!”Jeff

“The ADA accessible terminal is great.”Terence (Moorpark)

“I came in for a copy of a real estate record, not knowing precisely what I wanted. Within seconds I was being assisted at a public computer and was out the door document in hand in less than 5 minutes. A great model of efficiency and public assistance.”Patrick (Ventura)

“I cannot believe how efficient the Elections Division of Ventura County is! Tell the boss to give you guys a raise, you deserve it!” Kenneth

“Keep doing what you are doing.”Fran (Oxnard)

“Always a great experience.”Joy (Valencia)

“Great people – reflects the leadership!”Heidi (Ojai)

“It was all fantastic, honestly!” Joshua (Somis)

“Your staff is always perfect.” Jan (Sherman Oaks)

“Being a senior, computers are a little difficult. Your staff had patience and did a great job explaining everything.” George (Santa Paula)

“Very well done.” Pat (Camarillo)

“Excellent service and very friendly.” Keri (Ventura)

“Great service, a fine experience. In and out quickly.” Alex (Somis)

“Everything was great, thank you! Staff went above and beyond.” Nataley (Ventura)

“Very thankful staff did everything they could and above.” Gilbert (Ventura)

“No improvements, great service. Your staff is really nice and a great asset to your institution.” Edith (Port Hueneme)

“Services were above and beyond satisfactory – they were excellent!” Michael (Ojai)

All staff members I worked with were most courteous and helpful.” Gary (Oxnard)

“So friendly and happy. It’s nice to see that.” Denise (Santa Paula)

“Todo excelente.” Lilia (Oxnard)

“Over the years I have had extensive involvement with the Elections Division. In all of that time I have been impressed with the level of professionalism exhibited by your staff. They are consistently friendly, welcoming and helpful in every instance. Although some staff are now retired, new staff continue the existing culture that I have experienced over the years. They are patient, professional, and engaging.” Russ

“10 out of 10.” – Jeffrey (Simi Valley)

“Staff has a kind, caring attitude.” – Starlene (Ventura)

“Excelente Personal, Amable.” – Silvia (Oxnard)

“You are very fortunate to have your staff because their professionalism gives a very positive image for the County Clerk and Recorder organization.” – James (Oxnard)

“Staff provided very detailed, efficient, and courteous services.” – Brenda (Lynwood)

“Very nice & professional.” – Elizabeth

“You folks are great!” – Mary (Ventura)

 “All so friendly, thanks!” – Unsigned

“Professional, courteous and quick! Thanks.” – Elizabeth (Simi Valley)

“Staff greeted everyone as they entered and provided expected wait time.”Christie (Moorpark)

“On Monday morning, of all days, they began with a smile, a greeting, and finished with efficient, friendly service!”Tom (Simi Valley)

“Staff bent over backwards to deliver.”Jim (Thousand Oaks)

“Your staff is absolutely amazing, professional, knowledgeable and helpful.” Shibolet (Newbury Park)

“Super helpful, nice & professional.”Ed (Thousand Oaks)

“Very pleasant, polite and knowledgeable.”Veronica (Simi Valley)

“You are doing great, keep it up. Everyone was great!”Roxanna (Placentia)

“Thankful you are closer to Simi!”Rod (Simi Valley)

“Great service, convenient. No improvement needed.”Michael (Moorpark)

“Keep up the good work! East County needs this.”Fred (Simi Valley)

 “Pleased to have East County service. Thank you.” Stephen (Simi Valley)

“Very convenient. Super staff!”– Scott (Newbury Park)

 “I’m so happy I could come here and take care of my business.”– Afsaneh (Oak Park)

 “Happy about our visit! Took care of everything professionally.”– Linda (Westlake Village)

 “Very helpful and amazing and friendly. Employees are all smiling!”– Kim (Simi Valley)

 “Professional and courteous.”– Beth (Moorpark)

“I LOVE the fact that you are in Thousand Oaks now.” Lisa (Thousand Oaks)

“Everyone was so friendly and kind.”Denise (Bell Canyon)

 “Thank you for having a facility in Thousand Oaks. It is so much more convenient.”Ruth (Simi Valley)

 “Love the new hours and the Thousand Oaks location.” Marian (Simi Valley)

 “Great service – so glad you are in Thousand Oaks.”Denise (Newbury Park)

“Very thorough and helpful.” Adrian (Westlake Village)

“Great Service! Really appreciate not having to travel to Ventura to file this paperwork.” Unsigned

“I suggest you make computers available in Thousand Oaks to search public records like Ventura has.” Unsigned

  • Effective August 8, 2016, computers are available in Thousand Oaks to search public records. – County Clerk and Recorder

“Outstanding service! I did not have to wait and all questions were answered.” Nicole (Simi Valley)

“I suggest you increase the hours you are open.”– Julie (Westlake Village)

  • Thank you for the suggestion, Julie! In addition to Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we are anticipating our East County Office being open on Mondays beginning in November 2015. – County Clerk and Recorder

“Provide full time service in Thousand Oaks.”– Unsigned

“Thank you for the convenience of the Thousand Oaks office.”– Unsigned

“Information online should be more clear where Fictitious Business Names filings can be filed.”– Unsigned

  • Thank you for your feedback. We updated our website for clarification. County Clerk and Recorder

“Everything was handled professionally & excellent!” – Ronald (Thousand Oaks)

“Thank you for having this service in Thousand Oaks.”D. (Thousand Oaks)

“Got in and out quickly.” – Unsigned (Thousand Oaks)

“Thousand Oaks has excellent customer service!” – Unsigned

“It’s great having the Thousand Oaks location three days a week! Thank you!”
– Unsigned

“It’s great having the Thousand Oaks office because I do not have to drive to Ventura.” – Jose (Simi Valley)

“Service in Thousand Oaks is a huge time saver. Clerk was very helpful and efficient!” – Dan (Moorpark)

“I had the pleasure of speaking with your clerk and she was very friendly and helped me find out how to remove my deceased mom from voter registration. I work in Encino and she was empathetic making a real effort to find an alternative to my driving to Ventura. Management was also extremely nice and helpful . . . After I hung up, I exclaimed to my co-worker how glad your office made me to be a Thousand Oaks/Ventura County resident!” Pat

“Excellent!”  Love having East County services!!” Susan (Thousand Oaks)

“I’m glad you are open here – very convenient.” Wasserman (unknown)

“Very helpful and printed a very clean copy.” John (Rosemead)

“Please clone . . . !”– Margie (Reseda)

“So pleasant and helpful.”  Unsigned

“. . . sweet and loveable – very helpful : ) !”  Michael (Newbury Park)

“Very glad to see this T.O. office can perform majority of County functions.” – S. (Simi Valley)

“Wonderful service.  Glad office is here.  Great help and personalities.” – Georgia (Simi Valley)

“Your operation should be a model for other departments. Can’t see how my experience could have been improved.” Harold (Simi Valley)

“Extremely helpful and made our visit very positive.”Marilyn (Oxnard)

 “So kind! Very patient. – Unsigned

“Always excellent when I come here.”Daniel (Ventura)

“Staff is extremely courteous and professional, outstanding attitude.” John (Oxnard)

 “Keep up the great work – staff is awesome!” Michelle (Ventura)

 “Your office is far more congenial and efficient than other counties.” Joseph (Santa Paula)

 “Everything was perfect.” Gloria (Oxnard)

“Much smoother than anticipated. Unsigned

It is refreshing to encounter kind public servants.”Brandon (Woodland Hills)

“Keep up the great work! You have an excellent and very courteous staff.  – Kathy (Placentia)

“All staff was friendly.” – Lorraine (Fillmore)

“Service was prompt and very helpful.”Unsigned

“Su servicio ha mejorado 100%.  Empleados son muy muy helpful. – R. (Ventura)

“It was very helpful to have a representative check with people in line to be sure everyone was in the right place and had the proper documents.”Maureen (Ojai)

“Great, friendly service.”  Robert (Camarillo)

“It works well being able to do most of the paperwork online from home.”Mike (Ventura)

“Your staff was exceptionally kind and patient with my question.” Mark (Ventura)

“Very helpful with my lien paperwork.” – Marian (Oxnard)

“Everyone is very helpful. Thank you.” – John (Newbury Park)

“Outstanding job!” – Garry (Newbury Park)

“Your staff was willing to go over and above to accommodate my questions and needs and he was personable.” – David (Thousand Oaks)

“You need more employees.” – Anna (North Hollywood)

“Very professional, handled in a polite manner.” – Louie (Oxnard)

“Your staff member was attentive and immediately came to help me with all of my questions.” – Diana (Ventura)

“Service was outstanding! Very clear in direction, very courteous and unbelievably efficient.”Lisa

“I can honestly say your employee was more helpful than any public official I have called to resolve a problem in my 60 years. Not only was she pleasant and personable on the phone but I was immediately struck by the fact that she seemed genuinely interested in helping me resolve my problem . . . in my opinion, she went way above her call of duty in helping me expedite this matter . . . you have a keeper.” – Ronald

“I could not find information on your website regarding the types of payments accepted.” – Unsigned

  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have updated our website to reflect the types of payments accepted. County Clerk and Recorder

“Always a good experience when I come here.” – Monica (Port Hueneme)

“Service was faster than I had anticipated.” – Loretta (Camarillo)

“The recorder is one place that is a pleasure to deal with.” – Miguel

“Prompt, polite, and patient. Thank you.” – Unsigned

“Amazing, everything is digital, no microfiche!” – Kylie (Valencia)

 “It would be nice if one could view at least a portion of a document online.” –         Yie-Der (Thousand Oaks)

  • Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the California Public Records Act prohibits document images displayed on the internet. County Clerk and Recorder

“It needs to be more clear on the website that you cannot actually file a FBN online, you still need to go to the Clerk’s Office to file in person, and that it is time sensitive.”Catlin (Ventura)

  • Thank you for your feedback, Catlin! We appreciate your suggestions and revised our website accordingly.County Clerk and Recorder

“Very respectful and professional.” – Avetik (Glendale)

“Todo muy bien.” Efren (Oxnard)

“Once again I received the documents I ordered in a timely manner. I appreciate your help – always.”Patricia (Littleton, Co.)

“Above and beyond. I have 25 employees, I know a good employee.” – Linda (Ventura)

“Todo esta bien.” – Jesús (Santa Paula)

“So patient and reassuring!” – Patti

“Staff is so informative and customer service skills are A++!” – Josie (Simi Valley)

“Incredibly helpful and friendly.” – Gary (Oxnard)

“I appreciate…she noticed my cushion for sitting and got me in and out.” – Teri (Ventura)

“Todo está muy bien, gracias por el servicio.” – Adriana (Port Hueneme)

“Amazingly helpful. Made it very comfortable to ask my questions and concerns.”Francisco (Oxnard)

“We appreciate staff’s patience with us since we didn’t know how to record a document.” – Sandra (Chatsworth)

“Todo muy bien.” – Lizzeth

“Amazing staff, thorough and really helpful.”Evy (Thousand Oaks)

“Awesome! Polite and helpful.” – Caitlin (Ventura)

“Made complicated process easy.” – Elias (Santa Paula)

“Extremely helpful and pleasant.” – Joy (Oxnard)

“Thorough and very helpful.” – Brad (Moorpark)

“You guys have been great on every occasion.” – Berlyn (Ventura)

“Answered my questions and explained well.” – Claudia (Ventura)

“Recorder clerk was a pleasure to work with!” – Ezio (Simi Valley)

“Service is great!” – Unsigned

“I enjoyed the promptness and attentiveness that you all share.” – Pat (Ventura)

“Recorder clerk was very pleasant, smiled and was helpful.” – Ronda (Ventura)

“Recorder clerk was amazing! Friendly and helpful!” – L. (Oxnard)

“Everyone was nice” – Maria (Oxnard)

“A couple of staff members helped me. They were all great.” – Steve (Ventura)

“All were very helpful the minute I walked up.” – Rachel (Ventura)

“Staff at info desk was so pleasant and helpful. We were in and out so quickly.” – John and Suzi (Camarillo)

“No complaint. Clerk was very friendly and efficient. I always have a good experience here.” – Rachel (Oxnard)

“It was outstanding, no improvements needed.” – Wendy (Santa Paula)

“Great service provided. Fast, efficient workers… great help received.” – David (Oxnard)

“Everything was perfect and amazing. The clerk was amazing and made everything easy.” – James (Ventura)

“No suggestions, very easy and convenient. Staff was wonderful to work with!” – Unsigned

“Everyone was super nice.” – Riccardo (Beverly Hills, CA)

“Great service. Keep it up!” – Joshua (Moorpark)

“Thousand Oaks has excellent customer service!” – Unsigned

“Great office staff. Very helpful!” – Debra (Newbury Park)

“Very impressed.” – Robert (Simi Valley)

“It’s great having the Thousand Oaks location three days a week! Thank you!” – Unsigned

“It’s great having the Thousand Oaks office because I do not have to drive to Ventura.” – Jose (Simi Valley)

“The office appears well run; informed staff.” – William (Ojai)

“Very good service. Both Election clerks were very helpful.” – Diana (Moorpark)

“Service was outstanding from both associates.” – Nancy (Thousand Oaks)

“Election clerk was an incredible help. Very patient.” – Wes (Camarillo)

“Keep up the good work! Good people in the office!” – Tony (Fillmore)

“Fabulous!!” – Vicki (Thousand Oaks)

“All Election’s staff were very nice and helpful.” – Michael (Fillmore)

“Service was excellent! I was greeted as I walked in and helped immediately. Clerk was courteous, professional, pleasant and helpful!” – Bill (Thousand Oaks)

“Registering as a candidate could not have been a better experience! Impressive!” – Catherine (Bell Canyon)

“Amazing service from all Election employees!” – Adam (Simi Valley)

“Election clerk was very helpful for my first time through the Candidate Filing process.” – Carin (Ventura)

“I had a great experience working with the Election staff.” – John (Oxnard)

“I was impressed at the organization.” – Ernie (Oxnard)

“Keep up the great work. All staff were wonderful!” – Mark (Santa Paula)

“Election staff was professional and polite.” – Kerry (Camarillo)

“Excellent, friendly service.” – Unsigned

“Everyone was very helpful, kind and informative. Great experience!” – Debra (Camarillo)

“Love the 700 forms being online to fill out yearly. All the ladies are wonderful, it is a pleasure to come visit.” – Unsigned

“Wonderful service.” – Mollie (Santa Barbara)

“Everyone in Elections is always helpful and pleasant.” – Unsigned

“This was my first time filing as a candidate and the Election staff was great.” – William (Simi Valley)

“Excellent process.” – Wayne (Camarillo)

“. . . very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.” – Mary Ann

“Very thorough.” – Art (Oxnard)

“How do you improve on excellence?!” – Jim (Oxnard)

“They were all really kind and considerate.” – Darlene (Port Hueneme)

“Keep up the good work! They were extremely helpful!” – Donnie

“Always professional and efficient.” – Jess

“Very courteous, helpful and resourceful.” – Beatriz (Oxnard)

“I got great service.” – Michael (Oak Park)

“Excellent and friendly.” – Lissa (Westlake Village)

“Wonderful service.” – C.W. (Newbury Park)

“Service was outstanding!” – Karen (Westlake Village)

“Very nice and polite.” – Maria (Simi Valley)

“Service in Thousand Oaks is a huge time saver. Clerk was very helpful and efficient!” – Dan (Moorpark)

“Excellent service.” – Alicia (Camarillo)

“. . . was super sweet, helpful and amazing! Thank you!” – Michelle (Valencia, CA)

“Very, very satisfied!” – Romeo (Lake View Terrace, CA)

“They’re very accommodating and we are satisfied.” – Jonaliza (Lake View Terrace, CA)

“Perfect!” – Nancy (Thousand Oaks)

“Very helpful.” – Christopher (Los Angeles, CA)

“Clerk was very supportive, professional and courteous.” John (Camarillo)

“Clerk was amazing and stepped in during a busy time!” – Arlyne (Santa Paula)

“Continue the great work and excellent service!” – Fady (Camarillo)

“Clerk was outstanding!” – Unsigned

“Service was great!” – R. (Simi Valley)

“Thank you for the promptness and courtesy.” – Erica (Valencia, CA)

“Clerk was very professional and friendly.” – Yaneth (Oxnard)

“Service was outstanding. Information desk and clerk were very helpful.” – Ricardo (Port Hueneme)

“All counter staff were wonderful. I have never felt more welcomed in a public service office.” – Michael (Lafayette, CA)

“Information desk person was especially friendly.” – Unsigned

“Two thumbs way up!” – J. (Port Hueneme)

“Staff was friendly, personable and fast.” – John and Shymyka (Spanaway, WA)

“Clerk was very pleasant and knowledgeable.” – Joshua (Camarillo)

“Everything was easy! Clerk was patient and kind and very helpful!! Thank you!” – Lisa (Encino, CA)

“Could not have been a better experience!”  – Vernon (Los Angeles, CA)

“Excellent service!” – Jaime (Ventura)

“Recorder clerk was wonderful, patient and understanding!!”  – Nancy (Westlake Village)

“It was much better than other counties.” – Howard (Westlake Village)

“Could not be better.” – Glenn (Goleta, CA)

“They were knowledgeable and answered all our questions.” – Karen (Camarillo)

“. . . has always been great to work with in person or on the phone!” – Suzan (Port Hueneme)

“Great nice helpful group of people.”Ojai Valley Sanitary District (Ojai)

“Your personnel are wonderful, friendly and pleasant to talk to.”– Gary R. (Sylmar, CA)

“Extremely upbeat and helpful.” Unsigned

“Good service.” – Brenda C. (Oxnard)

“Fantastic!!” – Juan F. (Camarillo)

“Fast and easy!” – Unsigned

“All are very professional and very helpful.” – Jessica P. (Ojai)

“They are awesome!” – Michael J. (Simi Valley)

“Clerk was most helpful and prompt.” – Cynthia P. (Oxnard)

“Give your clerks raises because they are terrific!” Kirk M. (Camarillo)

“Keep up the good work.” – Fermin M. (Ventura)

“I had the pleasure of speaking with your clerk and she was very friendly and helped me find out how to remove my deceased mom from voter registration. I work in Encino and she was empathetic making a real effort to find an alternative to my driving to Ventura. Management was also extremely nice and helpful . . . After I hung up, I exclaimed to my co-worker how glad your office made me to be a Thousand Oaks/Ventura County resident!” Pat

“. . . so friendly, efficient and professional.” – Shannon (Camarillo)

“. . . excellent customer service rep. Friendly.”Ouidio (Thousand Oaks)

“It was very efficient.”Angel (Oxnard)

“. . . very helpful and courteous”Josh (Oxnard)

“Super service”Avelina (Oxnard)

“Never had better service.”Gabe (Valley Village)

“I have seen no need for improvements”R.

“You guys are great.” Eric (Oxnard)

“Great service.”Unsigned

“Very nice.”Judy (Camarillo)

“The staff is always helpful and courteous.”Linda (Santa Paula)

“Walked me through all the necessary steps.”John (Oxnard)

“VERY helpful!”Charles (Ventura)

“Service was excellent.”Lauren (Port Hueneme)

“Keep it up.”Steven (Torrence)

“GREAT! Wonderful service!!”Ellen (Ventura)

“. . . professional, polite and very clear. Very easy to understand.”Juan (Simi Valley)

“Went out of her way to help . . .”Unsigned

“Keep doing what you are doing now. Great job.”Guy (Westlake Village)

“This is a wonderful office.  Professional. Efficient.  Overall outstanding.  Everyone who helped us was outstanding.  Thank you! “ – Andrea

“Everyone was lovely!  Very pleasant and helpful.  Very good to us!” – Jessica (Ventura)

“Especially Helpful.” – Philip  (Oxnard)

“Can’t fix an outstanding department.” – Paul (Ventura)

“Always a positive and helpful experience.” Karen (Moorpark)

“. . . at Information booth came behind counter and asked people in line if they needed help.  Extremely excellent customer service!!” – Franca 

“Was excellent! Fast, friendly service.” – Lora (Lancaster)

“Prompt, professional, and a pleasure.” – Julie (Ventura)

Went out of way to accommodate me – I am in a wheelchair.” Unsigned

“Especially helpful.” – Tom (Simi Valley)

“A + + + +” Matt (Ojai)

Absolutely exceptional service!!! Thank goodness I live in Ventura County and not . . . ” –Tom (Camarillo)

“Everyone was so amazing and friendly.” – Lauren (Ventura)

“Very kind.” – Hasan (Westlake Village)

“Very patient, great service on complicated transaction.” Kevin

“Service very good.” – Daniel (Ventura)

“Was great!” Alain (Oxnard)

“Very helpful and very pleasant.” Paul (Ventura)

“. . . absolutely one of the nicest people you have here.” – Gary (Ventura)

“. . .  was wonderful!” – Peter (Thousand Oaks)

“Keep it up – Doing a GREAT job!” – Carlos (Simi Valley)

“Service was great.  Very helpful!” – Denise 

“Thank you.  Was great!” – Amber (Oxnard)

“Everything is excellent.” – Victor (Oxnard)

“Excellent! Terrific!” – Carol (Ventura)

“Excellent Help!!!  Very kind and attentive.” – James (Camarillo)

“Thank you so much for your help today with the Fictitious Business Name Application.  As I’m sure you could tell – I’m so frustrated by it!! But you were amazingly helpful and for that I appreciate you so much!! Thanks again for all your help!”   Deanna (Ventura)  

“It’s GREAT!” – Leola (Ventura)

“Extremely courteous and helpful.” – Erica 

“Very prompt.” – Unsigned

“Outstanding!!” – Bret (Newbury Park)

“Very pleasant and helpful.” – Susan 

“Everyone was friendly.” – Marisa 

“You are great!” – Louise (Ventura)

“Everyone is wonderful!!” – Pat (Santa Barbara)

“Thank You!” – J. (Oxnard)

“Great service!  Quick and efficient.  Answered all questions. Thank you!.”

“Extremely helpful and courteous.” – Kristen (Ventura)

“Suggestions to improve services?  Are you kidding?! No!” – Russell (Los Angeles)

“Excellent each and every time I come.” – D. (Los Angeles)

“AMAZING!”– Keli (Oxnard)

“It was perfect!” – Bruce (Newberry Springs)

“EXCELLENT SERVICE – 5 Stars!” – Theresa (Panorama)

“Very nice, professional, helpful!!” – Unsigned

“Great Service!!” – Ellen 

“I am so grateful that someone is so kind to help me out with my many questions, etc.  As you can tell, my family and the family ties are extremely important to me. In my own way I want to gather as much information as I can for the generations that will follow me. Thank you again and again.” Patricia (Littleton, CO)

“Good job. Outstanding attitude.” Armando (Oxnard)

“Very professional.” Joseph (Glendale)

“Extremely helpful, informative, and patient. Also very pleasant.” Alison (Simi Valley)

“. . . sweet and loveable – very helpful : ) !”  Michael (Newbury Park)

“Outstanding! Excellent customer service with a smile – that makes this a perfect place to go.” – Martha (Simi Valley)

“I was acknowledged, even while staff was helping others.  First time I had such good service in a government office.  Very nice and efficient. Really good employees.  Excellent!  Keep doing the great job!” – Bladie (Burbank)

“Very helpful and friendly.” – Susan (Oak Park)

“Clerk gave us a smile at the end. That left a positive impression.” – Donald (Bakersfield)

“Very Helpful!” – Loretta (Thousand Oaks)

“Very helpful and kind.”  – Michael (Newbury Park)

“So sweet, with a beautiful smile that made my day brighter.” – Kyndle (Oxnard)

“Very satisfied with this visit.” – Clara (Newbury Park) 

“Very helpful and informative!” – Fred (Simi Valley)

“On December 13th, my partner and I got married in Ventura County.  We flew out to California along with some family members so that we could do this legally.  We have been together for seven years and needless to say this was, and is, a very big deal to us.  I’m writing today about your staff at the County Clerk’s office.  From the moment I called the office to us leaving with the license, everything went off without a hitch.  In addition, we were met with a truly genuine happy attitude by everyone we encountered . . . all of your staff have been extremely professional, kind, and friendly.  Your whole staff presented a friendliness and kindness that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  I wanted to thank you and your staff for making our wedding day truly remarkable.” – Carrie (Boulder, CO)

“Good!  Very helpful and prompt!” – Sapati (Port Hueneme)

“Awesome!” – J.C. (Westlake Village)

“The Recorder was knowledgeable and helpful.” – Richard (Westlake)

“Great Service – Outstanding!” – Fred (Oxnard)

 “You’re the best!” – Jack (Simi Valley)

“Very helpful and pleasant and knowledgeable.” – Debra (Oxnard)

“Super friendly and helpful.” – Annie (Lancaster)

“Wonderful!  Outstanding Customer Service!” – Ronald (Valley Center)

“Perfect!” – Amnon and Lee (Pacific Palisades)

“I was very pleased with the service and promptness.” – Debby (Ventura)

“Great customer service.  Awesome personalities – Thank you for making our lives easier.  A great experience for us.” – Keith and Erisa (Thousand Oaks)

“Outstanding!  Other Recorders could learn a lot from the Ventura County Recorder.  Very pleased and very helpful!” – Michael (Studio City)

 “Extremely attentive and exceeded my expectations.” – Brandon (Woodland Hills)

“Helpful and Nice!” – Ellen (Valencia)

“Good crew to work with.” – Jacqueline (Port Hueneme)

“Very helpful with a difficult recording.  Thank you very much!” – Raymond (Ventura)

“They were great! Very helpful!” – Alexis (Oxnard)

“Outstanding!” – Stirling (Oxnard)

“Excellent service! Very helpful and informative.” – Charles (Los Angeles)

“Excellent Service!”  – Richard (Ojai)

“Great staff!  Knowledgeable and friendly – all that have helped me over the last three years.” – Laurie (Ojai)

“Keep up the great job. Well done!” – Simon (Port Hueneme)

“The assistance I received was perfect, so keep up the good work!” – Jon (Simi Valley)

“Doing a GREAT job!” – Victoria (Oxnard)

“Excellent Job!” – Victor (Camarillo)

“Excellent!  Helpful!  Nice people!” – Lesli (Agoura Hills)

“Went above and beyond to look for a copy of a marriage certificate – very professional and helpful!” – Debra (Ventura)

“Wonderful!  So helpful!!!” – Linda (Ventura)

“Everyone we encountered was welcoming. Made such an amazing moment that we will always remember.” – Taragh and Cyndi (Northridge)

“Excellent service from the moment I entered the building.” – Angelica (Canoga Park)

“Very Helpful!” – Gary and Jackie (Simi Valley)

“Staff was wonderful!”  – Evita (Camarillo)

“It was wonderful! The BEST – helped with everything!” – Claudia and Mike (Ventura)

“Great Service – Really Friendly!” – Ed (Ojai)

“I just want to thank you again for all your help.  Thank you so much.” – Unsigned

“Counter person was outstanding! Highest standards of professionalism and knowledge!” – Anne (Ventura)

“Thank you so much! Amazing customer service!” – Jean (Malibu)

“Thank you for encouraging a work environment that nurtures individuals like . . . who understand what great customer service is all about.” –  Hoveg (Simi Valley)

“All your staff is excellent!” – Edgar (Santa Paula)  

“Please convey my compliments to these employees. And I hope you will agree that each of them are deserving of your recognition for their outstanding customer service.”  – Ron (Oxnard)

“All employees very helpful, efficient, and courteous.  Thanks much!”– Tim (Thousand Oaks)

“Doing an outstanding job! Demonstrated a prompt, polite, and professional attitude and was very helpful. Thank you.” – Ron (Oxnard)

“Very courteous and pleasant” – Lucy (Santa Paula)

“Hard to improve on excellent, efficient service. Thank you.” – Jery (Ventura)

“Can’t be any better than this kind of service.” – Nellie (Port Hueneme)

“My congratulations to your hiring system.” –  Patricia (Oxnard)

“Amazing! You don’t usually get good customer service from the ‘government’.” – Nicole (Ventura)

“Friendly, cooperative, helpful, efficient!” – Howard (Ojai)  

“Excellent!”  Love having East County services!!” – Susan (Thousand Oaks)

“. . . writing to compliment the kind and efficient manner with which … handled my request.”  – Sheila (Los Angeles)

“Service was very good.”  – Brian (Camarillo)

“. . . very helpful and cordial.” – Raymond (Oxnard)

“Model employees.” – K. M. (Oxnard)

“So nice and helpful ~ happy to be there and seemed happy to be helping someone!” – Gia (Ventura)

“Service was above perfect!” – Randall (Ojai)

“Great assets for the County and knowledge” – Joseph (Thousand Oaks)

“. . . exceptionally helpful and very courteous.” – Alice (Thousand Oaks)

“Sincerely appreciate you going out of your way, above and beyond your job requirements, to push through a rush document request order for us.”  – Hannah (Bakersfield)

“Wonderful!” – Julie (Moorpark)

“Keep up the good work!!”Walter (Port Hueneme)

“Better than most counties!” – Jim (Pasadena)

“Perfect!” – Andy (Thousand Oaks)

“Above Outstanding!” – T. (Ventura)

“Thank you for the opportunity to sit while filing.  Very sweet and caring!” – Deborist (Camarillo)

“Everyone should be as helpful…!” – Andy (Moorpark)

“Outstanding customer service, expertise, patience, and friendliness.” – Shawn (Ventura)

“Always amazingly helpful. Awesome people!” – David (Ventura)

“. . . was professional and helpful over the phone . . . wish all government workers were like her.” – Unsigned

“Excellent service – beyond my expectations!” – Pat (Ojai)

“Very courteous and helpful (as usual)! I always get outstanding service here.” – Don (Simi)

“So far, very impressive!” – Nana (Beverly Hills)

“Always great service!” – David (Moorpark)

“Keep it up!” – J.B. (Camarillo)

“So helpful and pleasant!!!” – Bette (Oak Park)

“Staff is doing an outstanding job!” – Everardo (Oxnard)

“Everything is great!” – David (Ventura)

“Staff is fantastic!  The staff are all very helpful – always!” – Dolores (Ventura)

“You have very nice staff! Friendly, fast, kind, funny, helpful – made a stressful experience nice!” – Laura (Fillmore)

“The team is wonderfully coordinated.” – Joseph (Oxnard)

“. . . Excellent and very professional.” – Constance (Woodland Hills)

“Great and very helpful!”  – Holmes (Woodland Hills)

“I am so grateful to get all (a lot) of the info I needed – detailed explanation – so that I could understand.  Thank you!” – Maria (Ventura)

“You are the best recording office!” – Jack (Simi Valley)

“You folks are great!  Thank you again.” – Daniel (San Diego)

“. . . explained everything to me in a way I could understand . . . totally on the money.” – Unsigned

“Great job, Mark!” – Jim (Oxnard)

“Everyone who helped me was outstanding.” – Sepideh (Oak Park)

“I was very pleased with the service rendered . . .” – Nira (Newbury Park)  

“Your employees provided excellent, courteous service!” – James (Ventura)

“Excellent service.  Thank you!” – Catherine (Simi Valley)

“Outstanding in every way!” – Anne (Moorpark)

“It was very pleasant.  Keep up the good work!” – Trenton (Ventura)

“Wish every place had friendly people like this!” – Eileen (Simi)

“Very helpful and knowledgeable!” – Rosalva (Ventura)

“Knowledgeable, polite, and courteous!” – John (Camarillo)

“#1 good service, outstanding, not rushed, calm, smiles, helpful!” – Helen (Ventura)

“Excellent service! Extremely nice and efficient!” – Diana (Moorpark)

“How can you improve on perfection?!” – David (Oxnard)

“So happy . . . provided GREAT customer service!” – Nathaniel (Thousand Oaks)

“Keep your staff!” – Diane and Bill (Camarillo)

“Experience was Excellent!” – Kathleen (Newbury Park)

“As a member of the Grand Jury, my partner and I were made to feel like “family”.  All of our questions were answered thoroughly.” – Johnny (Ventura)

“Keep it up : ) !” – Julia (Ventura)

“Each time efficient and kind, pleasant, personable.  Refreshing to receive good service and kindness.”  – Suzan (Newbury Park)

“Everyone was very helpful, pleasant and efficient!” – Juoly (Porter Ranch)

“Very helpful and efficient. Helped me understand details, etc.” – Todd (Thousand Oaks)

“Thank you very much for walking me through the website and for your patience.” – Harsha (Thousand Oaks)

“Thank you very much for your help.” – Tracy (Ventura)

“Kind, pleasant, friendly, patient – provided great service at the counter and was very helpful with people in lobby.” – David (Ventura)

“Provided accurate information and great customer service!”  – David (Ventura)

“Always receive great service – staff is knowledgeable.  Office is the best in the County!” – David (Ventura)

“You are a fine example of a public employee who is responsive to the needs of long-suffering taxpayers.  Thank you again for helping to make me believe that there are good people in government.” – Unsigned

“I want the whole world to know that you were simply outstanding.”  – Frank (Lancaster)

“Great service. . . really quick. . . good job assisting the public” – Howard (Ventura)

“Office should be the example for all the other government offices.” – David (Ventura)

“I appreciate people who “go the extra mile” for a client — it is a nearly extinct practice.” – Heidi (Newbury Park)

“Thank you for the reply.  This is actually a neat service that someone in the government gets back to you, and so promptly.” – Unsigned

“Best customer service ever received!” – Unsigned

“Excellent service and professionalism . . . drive from L.A. County was worth it!!!” – Benjamin and Esther (Los Angeles)

“Thank you very much for making this process easy and pain free.” – C and R Medical (Camarillo)  

“Thank you so much for your kindness in helping me last Thursday.  I genuinely appreciate your kindness toward my family and me.” – Jo Anne (Camarillo)

“Marriage is a very emotional time. Very happy with service in the issuance of the marriage license and information provided.” – Sheila (Ventura)

“Yesterday I dropped off my expired Notary Certification.  Today I received a call from . . . telling me that I had left a work book along with a $100 bill.  I would like to compliment the integrity of … and the entire staff.” – Gloria (Camarillo)

“Just need to send you a special “Thank You” for your patience and kindness with the license.  You should be named Public Servant of the Year.  Your kindness was appreciated.”  – Noel (San Diego)  

“Receptive, open, courteous and professional.  If everyone did their job in such a professional and courteous manner, the world would be a better place to do business.” – Gregory (Agoura)

“I am writing to commend your team members.  We went there to get a notary authenticated.  As soon as we walked in, they attended to us in a very friendly, professional and expeditious manner.  This being a governmental office, I expected the same type of delays and difficulties I always receive at government agencies, but was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency and courtesy.” – Doc (Simi Valley)

“Nice, understanding, and patient.” – Justin and Lauren (Newbury Park)

“I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to get such outstanding service.  A lot of employees these days don’t want to bother with you.” – Shirley (Modesto)

“Thanks to you all, I was able to be married which almost didn’t happen because of some silly paperwork, so THANKS. You will be remembered!” – Sara (Westlake Village)

“Thanks and my compliments!” – Denise (Ventura)

“Great help and very efficient in helping handle this matter.” – Unsigned

“I was having documents recorded in Ventura at the Ventura County Recorder.  I really didn’t know what I was doing and . . . really went out of her way to help me.  She really made the experience painless.  Sometimes when you deal with County employees they are less than not helpful, but she was great.” – Mary (Moorpark)

“The clerks have been great; they couldn’t be nicer . . .” – Tony (Ventura)

“…wonderful, knowledgeable and very professional.” – Unsigned

“Thank you for all your help and for your quick response.  The information you provided is very helpful.  Both my former wife and I are very impressed by your professional services.” – Jiantao (Camarillo)

“Sometimes a single act of generosity can have a profound effect.  Your resolve . . . to help us record documents averted the loss of $22 million in Federal resources and allowed a project to go forward that will change the lives of hundreds of people.” – Chris / PLACE’s WAV Project (Ventura)

“Thank you for your patience and kindness, especially respect.  As time passes, we will always recall the nice way you treated us.” – Rowija (Newport Beach)

“… dealt with a lot of government offices and employees and thus far this has been the BEST experience.” – Randy (Ventura)

“Compliments on efficient customer service!” – Marcelo (Woodland Hills)  

“As a resident of Ventura County for over 30 years, I have often had to call various departments within the County of Ventura.  Today I called the Recorder’s office and spoke with one of your employees . . . very efficient, knowledgeable about the subject and really (I feel) went out of her way to help me with a problem.  She was very patient and personable and I just thought you might like to know that you have a terrific employee.  I only wish more customer service representatives were like her.” – Cynthia (Thousand Oaks) 

“Everybody really appreciates how smoothly things went at the polling places around here yesterday!! Thank you all so very much.” – Jan (Thousand Oaks)

“Elections received a commendation from the Board this week on the successful election.  Just wanted to wish you congratulations.” – Ryan (Herndon, VA)    

“. . . professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable.” – Miriam (Miami, FL)

“I would like to commend . . . for her professionalism in handling my transactions.  It was long and detailed and the line grew.  She did not become flustered even when a supervisor intervened.” – Roberta (Oxnard)

“I left your office with the papers that I needed, and with a big smile on my face – a first for me in dealing with a government agency.  In fact, I was impressed enough to get their names and your name so that I could let you know how pleased I was with their service.  These young women deserve a huge ‘thank you’ for putting a pleasant and professional face on our County government.” – Lynne (Camarillo)

“Your Deputy Clerk and Recorder . . . is a wonderful example of a very efficient and helpful employee.  She was most helpful as we traveled through the process of obtaining my grandson’s birth certificate.  My hat is off to you for having such an outstanding employee.” – Joan (Oxnard)

“… took the time to input countless document numbers into her computer and explain how the indexing was done so that we would have a better understanding of the process and helped us avoid unnecessary documents and expensive photocopy fees.  Please express to her our sincere appreciation for her help.  She is an exceptional employee and a credit to your department.” – Bryan (Pasadena)

“Ken and I would like to thank you for making our ceremony on May 25, 2007 so personal and allowing us to add our own “sunshine”.” – Patty (Simi Valley)

“. . . thank you so much for your awesome service, compassion for my wife’s situation, and kindness.” – Michael (Ventura)

“Thanks so much for offering your assistance.” – Jan (Ventura)

“Entire Clerk staff were the best! Surprised, usually don’t receive this type of treatment when visiting government offices. For the first time, happy to be a taxpayer!”  – “Lucky” (Oxnard)

“Excellent customer service skills ~ truly an asset to the County of Ventura.” – Gail (Ventura)

“Best experience I have ever had dealing with a recorder’s office in the State of California! And, I have dealt with many. Keep up the outstanding work and customer service.” – Jan (Santa Monica) 

“Very efficient . . . so thankful!” – Josie (Ventura)

“Very grateful . . . so wonderful!” – David and Shelley (Maryland)

“Thanks for having courteous and helpful counter staff.”  – Don (Ventura)

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff . . . for your kind assistance the other day as I reviewed various materials at the Elections Division.  It is the quality of public service your office provides that makes me grateful to have called Ventura County home for most of the last 30 years.” – Michael (Thousand Oaks)

“Just a note to let you know that your staff was most helpful and courteous.  Thanks for a pleasant experience.” – Maryjane (Thousand

“I want to take this opportunity to commend your fine staff in your Marriage License Department for outstanding customer service . . . searched, called, and comforted me during this crazy time.  Thank you for having a well-trained and caring staff.” – Jennifer (Newbury Park)  

“We were going on a cruise and I misplaced my husband’s birth certificate.  Without it, he couldn’t have gone and I needed it by the next day. I called and . . . told me I would have it the next day.”  – Wendy (Katy, TX) 

“Took the time to patiently answer our questions and point us in the direction we needed.  It was a refreshing experience to be treated so well in a busy public government office.” – Kelly and Steve (Moorpark)

“I observed . . . handle an extremely problematic customer at the front desk.  He was forceful.  She was polite.  He was attempting to intimidate (not quite “bully” but close) and she calmly held her ground.  She did a good job!” – Jim (Ventura)

“. . . made me feel comfortable and satisfied in what is typically an unpleasant bureaucratic kind of environment.” – Michael (Ventura)

“While on vacation, we got into a major jam as we had forgotten our children’s birth certificates and were trying to leave Florida for a foreign country, the Bahamas.  Within 45 minutes, the time we had before the only plane headed for the day to our destination was leaving, . . . managed to locate both of our children’s certificate, and fax copies to the airport terminal.  She was amazing and saved us from a disaster. She went over and above what she should’ve, and we are so thankful for her and her service.  It is so great to live in a County where people still matter, and you aren’t just a number.” – Karen, Rick, Logan, and Kaelyn (Camarillo)

“The whole experience was both surprising and gratifying . . .” – Bon (Medford, OR)

“. . very patient and helpful to me in tracking down a lien release.  I was very frustrated and ready to become somewhat agitated, but . . . calmly took care of what I needed and was very polite and professional.” – Susan (Ventura)  

“You are very efficient and were very helpful.  I am very impressed with your service!” – Teresa (Berkeley)

“It has been a pleasure to do business with your department.” – Stan and Johanna (Thousand Oaks)

“. . . was extremely helpful and courteous and immediately assisted me even though the office was closed for the day.  So many times individuals call or write to you to complain about services rendered just as they do in my field of employment.  I would like to take this opportunity to write to thank and commend . . . for her positive and productive attitude.” – Bob (Simi Valley)

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say . . . in your Recorder’s Division was a wonderful help last Friday. I needed some documents recorded and copied on short notice due to an overseas immigration situation and she came through with flying colors.” – Larry (Ventura)

“Please do not go to work for the State of California – we need people like you here in Ventura County.  – Ronnie (Thousand Oaks)

“Very nice, patient, and gracious.” – Margo (Ventura)

“Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was this conscientious?!” – Julie (Camarillo)

“Due to . . . extraordinary efforts I was able to reunite a brother and sister, (and mother), who he had not seen or spoken to in 50 years.  As his sister told me on the telephone last night, “What a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas gift.” – Larry (Gig Harbor, WA)

“I’d like to compliment you on having such an excellent employee . . . very helpful, professional, and friendly. . .” – Peggy (Wyocena, WI)

“I would like to commend these efficient workers for a job well done.” – John (Oxnard)

“It is important that our County make sure that as much information as possible is distributed to all our residents to keep them informed of all of our services.  Because of your help, we were able to successfully do just that.” – Judy (Simi Valley)

“. . . so good at making me not feel stupid.  Courteous, kind, and I felt good when I was finished with my transaction.  In starting a new business, I’m dealing with a lot of people and information that is all knew to me.  Made this part of it very easy and enjoyable.  Thank you.” – Lisa (Oxnard)

“Thanks for your patient follow-up of my clumsy (and unsatisfactory) handling of the enclosed.  You are obviously one of those kind and gentle civil servants who are familiar with the vagaries of old age.” – John (Malibu)

“After finding I had made an error in filing a fictitious business name, I called the Clerk’s office. . . . went out of their way to pull my paperwork and allow me to make the correction needed.  The people in this office have been extremely helpful and friendly.  A joy to deal with!” – Kathy (Santa Paula)

“… one so infrequently encounters a person who serves the public in such a friendly and helpful manner.” – Jean (Camarillo)

“Patience in explaining the “bureaucracy” maze, helping with the required petition and revisions was beyond the call of duty . . . examples of what a person wishes to meet when they go to the County offices . . . ” – R. Conway (Fillmore)

“I want to personally thank you for your work in locating my marriage certificate of August 26, 1935 to Harvey . . .” – Mildred (Grants Pass, OR)

“I would like to commend you and your entire election staff for a job well done during the election.  I know that these past months have been hectic and stressful, but you and your staff have done a very valuable service to the County.”  – John (Oxnard)

“I was in the Recorder’s office on August 20th with a fairly large order for copies of deeds.  When I came in, I had no idea of what I was doing or even where to start.  I did know that I needed the copies that day so that I could give them to my attorney the following morning.  I just wanted to say thank you for all your patience and help and also for getting that order printed out that day.” – Pierre (Camarillo)

“I was under a very pressing time constraint and you certainly proved to be great public servants.  I appreciate it very much.” – Manuel

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance and interest provided by the Elections Division in making our municipal election an efficient process.” – Mabi (Oxnard)

“A big thank you for all of your assistance and information.  You do a superb job . . .” – Carolyn (Ventura)

“Our sincere thanks for your help in procuring the registration information for us.  Considering all the registrars and other government agencies we deal with, I can’t tell you want a pleasure it is to find people who actually know what they’re doing and can get it done!” – Diana (Los Angeles)

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance and interest provided by the Elections Division in making our municipal election an efficient process.” – Mabi (Oxnard)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the assistance provided me during the election.  The planning and preparation you and your staff put into this election was obvious.  Every detail was well thought out.  The promptness and courteous attention to my requests was of great assistance to me.” – Noreen (Fillmore)

“Being a lifelong resident of Ventura County, I’ve had hundreds of experiences with County employees.  Recently I filed for a public office! It was a first for me and I knew nothing!  The ladies at your front desk were extremely understanding and helpful.  They are among the best!”  – Jerry (Ventura)

“I would like you to know that my recent telephone and mail transaction . . . was a most gratifying satisfactory one; a rare occurrence in many bureaucracies these days.” – Dulcie (Thousand Oaks)